Pan American Torch lit in Teotihuacan, starts route towards Lima 2019

18:09 | Teotihuacan (Mexico), Jul. 2.

The Fire Lighting ceremony for the Lima 2019 Pan American Games took place at the Teotihuacan Ruins in Mexico. From there it will travel south to Peru.

In order to maintain continuity and equilibrium, the ancient habitants of Teotihuacan periodically carried out a ritual to reaffirm their commitment to the deities. 

Thus, the Pan American Torch Lighting ceremony is a modern adaptation of said rite with the purpose of ratifying —every four years— the unity and brotherhood among nations of the Americas. 

The flags of the 41 countries —which will participate in Lima 2019— were presented, particularly honoring the flags of Peru, Mexico, and Panam Sports. 

Lima 2019 Ambassadors Pilar Jauregui (Para-Badminton) and Alexandra Grande (Karate) were present at the ceremony as well.

During his inauguration speech, Neuhaus underlined the historic importance of said event and the unifying value of sports. 

Furthermore, Ilic noted the work done by the Lima 2019 Organizing Committee, emphasizing that all the efforts undertaken are mainly for the athletes. 


Published: 7/2/2019
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