Over 1,370 ex-foreigners granted Peruvian citizenship since Dec 2016

15:57 | Lima, Dec. 17.

More than 1,370 former foreigners from countries across five continents have become Peruvian nationals since December 2016, when the Peruvian Nationality Room was launched, said Roxana del Aguila Tuesta, head of the National Superintendence of Migrations.

It is worth noting 70% of them are spouses of Peruvian citizens, 25% were born to Peruvian parents, and 4% opted for naturalization.

The new Peruvian nationals come from the Americas (75%), Europe (19%), Asia (2%), Africa (2%), and Oceania (1%).

Most of them come from Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Cuba, the United States, and Argentina.

Del Aguila's remarks were made after a naturalization ceremony at the Migrations office as part of an event marking the International Migrants Day. The newly naturalized individuals come from six countries in the Americas and five in Europe.

Temporary Resident Permit

According to official information, so far 395,000 Venezuelan citizens have applied for a Temporary Resident Permit (PTP).

Of the total figure, 156,000 have received the document, 217,000 have initiated the process, and others have scheduled appointments to request it.

More than 600,000 Venezuelans are currently in the Inca country, of which 558,000 entered before October 31. Therefore, they are eligible to apply for a Temporary Resident Permit (PTP), as established by the Peruvian Government.

Del Aguila urged Venezuelan citizens —who plan to remain longer than the authorized period of stay for tourists— to apply for a PTP before the deadline (December 31, 2018) and not to wait until the last minute.


Published: 12/17/2018
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