Venezuelans in Peru: Deadline to fulfil PTP requirements draws closer

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

11:00 | Lima, Oct. 19.

Only Venezuelans who enter Peru until October 31 will be eligible to apply for a Temporary Resident Permit (PTP), the National Superintendence of Migrations warned.

This document validates holders' regular immigration status in the Inca nation. 

Furthermore, the period to submit applications expires —without exception— on December 31, the Migrations office indicated via Twitter. 

Therefore, those who enter Peruvian territory from November 1 onward will not be able to regularize their migration status through the PTP. 

They will be granted a limited stay permit, as tourists, and will have to leave the Inca nation after this period is over.

As is known, a supreme decree —issued in August— extended the deadlines for the PTP application process. December 31 was the latest date to enter Peru in order to receive this benefit, and the deadline to submit the application was June 30, 2019. 

According to official information, so far over 110,000 Venezuelan citizens have received a temporary permit (PTP), 165,000 have applied for it, and over 80,000 have scheduled appointments within the next two months in order request it. 

The PTP —issued by the Migrations office— allows Venezuelan citizens to work, study, and access basic services such as health care, within the Peruvian legislation. 


Published: 10/19/2018
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