40 ex-foreigners granted Peruvian citizenship ahead of Independence Day

18:41 | Lima, Jul. 24.

A total of 40 former foreigners from 26 countries across four continents received Peruvian citizenship certificates prior to Independence Day celebrations (July 28-29) in the Inca country.

The new nationals —coming from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa— received their certificates from hands of Eduardo Sevilla Echevarria, head of the National Superintendence of Migrations, after a naturalization ceremony held at the said office.

In an emotional moment, the ex-foreigners sang the Andean nation's national anthem for the first time as Peruvian citizens.

The newly naturalized individuals come from different backgrounds, hailing from the United States, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Belize, Saint Lucia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, and Uruguay.

The list also includes the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Poland, France, Spain, Italy, and Romania.

Other countries of origin of this group of migrants are Morocco, Russia, the People's Republic of China, India, and South Korea.

"Today, you become part of Peru as you have obtained your Peruvian citizenship certificate. Peru is a peaceful and democratic country that respects human rights. I urge you to continue your commitment and make (this) a better country contributing to its enhancement," Sevilla stated.

Netherlands-born Jade Isadora Brunsting spoke on behalf of the brand-new Peruvian citizens, saying citizenship procedures have been simplified.

"This a special day to us because we've become Peruvian citizens. Peru is a country with a rich culture. I've become naturalized prompted by a feeling," she expressed.


Published: 7/24/2018
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