Minister Popolizio: "Peru first" to motivate Foreign Affairs Ministry's efforts

ANDINA/Dante Zegarra

18:44 | Lima, Apr. 6.

The phrase "Peru first" —said by President Martin Vizcarra when he took office— will motivate Foreign Affairs Ministry officials and Diplomatic Service members to keep working, Foreign Affairs Minister Nestor Popolizio affirmed Friday.

During the swearing-in ceremony and presentation of new Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Hugo de Zela, Popolizo highlighted that said source of inspiration will enable the Ministry to continue providing a dynamic and timely response to the country's foreign policy challenges. 

"Public service is a major responsibility, and Peru's progress is beyond our own aspirations (...)," the cabinet member expressed. 

"We can and must serve Peru in an honorable and committed way and —even more— in the face of the (country's Independence) Bicentennial," he expressed.

In addition, he underscored Peruvian foreign policy challenges are various and varied. Plus, teamwork is required to overcome them, from workers to the Diplomatic Service members belonging to different generations.

Popolizio also highlighted the personal and professional experience and qualities of the new deputy official with whom he had previously worked and maintained a solid friendship for several years.

"His contribution will be invaluable; and his dynamism, relentless," he pointed out.

According to the Minister, he and De Zela share the desire that the Foreign Affairs Ministry "be as creative, effective and professional as it can be."

For his part, De Zela expressed his gratitude to President Vizcarra —as well as Popolizio— for the trust placed in him to carry out this new responsibility.

Lastly, he ratified his commitment to working closely and decisively.


Published: 4/6/2018