Measures taken by Peru Gov't to tackle coronavirus pandemic

11:00 | Lima, Mar. 15.

This week, the Government of Peru adopted a series of actions with the aim of combating the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country. Below is a brief outlook of the measures taken amid this pandemic.

1. The transfer of S/100 million (around US$28.3 million) to the Ministry of Health to reinforce the prevention, control, surveillance, and health response system.

2. Classes at public and private schools across Peru were postponed until March 30. The measure also applies to universities and technical institutes.

4. The Ministry of Education will allocate S/165 million (about US$46.7 million) for the acquisition of sanitary kits to strengthen preventive actions at education centers.

5. A ban on all gatherings and activities with more than 300 citizens.

6. Additional budgetary transfers will be made to public universities and other State-run entities to intensify the clean-up actions that guarantee optimal health conditions and the supply of water.

7. The establishment of a multi-sectoral commission, led by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, which will continue to take actions to mitigate the health emergency.

8. Extension of time to file the sworn declaration of income tax, granted until June 30 to micro, small, and medium-sized companies whose economic activities might be affected.

9. No tariffs for imports of medicines and medical supplies.

10. Video conference coordination meetings with other Heads of State in the region, in order to exchange criteria and standardize decisions to face this public health problem.

11. Suspension of flights from/to Europe and Asia starting Monday, March 16.

12. Temporary reduction to zero of the ad valorem CIF tariff rate on imports of 65 subheadings for medicines, as well as medical supplies and implements, classified as necessary goods for the prevention and care of the novel coronavirus.

13. The Ministry of Defense established a command post to monitor all information involving control of care at ports, airports, as well as at borders with Ecuador, Bolivia, and Chile.

14. Decentralization of the analysis of samples from possible coronavirus cases in nine cities across the nation.

15. Provision of air bridges so that Peruvians abroad can return.


Published: 3/15/2020
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