Foreign Trade & Tourism Min: Peru has best reputation in Latin America

14:27 | Lima, Jul. 4.

Peru has the best reputation among Latin American countries, according to the latest Country RepTrak ranking, Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Edgar Vasquez affirmed Thursday.

In this sense, the official indicated the Country RepTrak —created by the Reputation Institute— measures the admiration, appreciation, confidence, and good impression towards a country.

Thus, the Inca country registered a 2.2-point increase compared to last year, climbing two positions to 25th (62.2 points) in the global ranking. 

Peru exceeded the global average score (61.0), thus holding the first position in Latin America and surpassing Chile, as well as Argentina. 

Impact of the Study 

Furthermore, the minister explained this study is an important reference as it enables the world's main companies to recommend where to invest, buy products or services, as well as which countries people can live in, visit, study, organize, and attend events, among others. 

"This achievement should make us feel proud and motivate us to keep working harder for Peru," he expressed. 

It should be noted the Country RepTrak's regression analysis for the Inca country indicated that —for every point increase in the nation's reputation— there is a 3.7% rise in the proportion of tourist arrivals per capita and a 3.2% expansion in exports ratio. 


Published: 7/4/2019
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