Fin Min: Peru promotes productive diversification to enhance competitiveness

17:00 | Lima, Sep. 9.

The Government of Peru is promoting productive diversification to improve the country's competitiveness, Economy and Finance Minister Carlos Oliva reported on Monday.

"We are promoting productive diversification. We are working on three sectors: forestry, aquaculture, and tourism," he affirmed.

Speaking at the Peru CEO Impact Summit —an event held by El Dorado Investments and RPP TV and radio station— Oliva said he is working on these sectors to create new growth engines for Peru's economy.

The minister remarked that the National Infrastructure Plan for Competitiveness is intended to cover one of the country's priorities to achieve high and sustained growth throughout the time.

"A series of calculations were performed by applying a methodology, plus it was determined that the infrastructure gap has reached S/363 billion (about US$108.4 billion)," Oliva stated.

Moreover, he said 24 out of the 52 projects in such portfolio shall be completed within two or three years, while 25 are expected to be finished within five or six.

"We need a series of infrastructure projects in the country in order to be more competitive," he stated.


Published: 9/9/2019
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