Competitiveness and productivity: Nine priorities to consolidate Peru's growth

13:11 | Lima, Jan. 31.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday asked Peruvians to join him in his ambitious goal to build a country with higher economic, competitive, productive, and sustainable growth; a modern and efficient State with solid institutions that provides better services and well-being for all.

Below are the nine priority objectives of the National Competitiveness and Productivity Policy (PNCP) outlined at the event.

1. Infrastructure. Providing the country with high-quality economic and social infrastructure, through efforts directed toward efficient prioritization and planning.

2. Human capital. Strengthening human capital by prioritizing the optimization of services in order to enhance capacities and certify labor skills.

3. Innovation. Promoting the development of capacities for the innovation, adoption, and transfer of better technologies.

4. Financing. Fostering local and external financing mechanisms through the generation of financial instruments in accordance with business needs.

5. Labor market. Creating conditions for a dynamic and competitive labor market to generate formal employment.

6. Business environment. Creating conditions to develop a productive business environment through administrative simplification, as well as the improvement of associativity and productive development instruments.

7. Foreign Trade. Facilitating conditions for foreign trade through the development of a diversified, competitive export supply. 

8. Institutions. Strengthening institutions across the country by improving the justice administration service, as well as articulating measures that promote public integrity and facilitate the fight against corruption.

9. Environment. Fostering environmental sustainability in economic activities through the promotion of a circular economy in markets. 

The nine priority objectives will provide a basis to create the National Competitiveness Plan, which will contain specific actions and measures, as well as monitoring indicators to achieve PNCP goals.


Published: 1/31/2019
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