Peru PM: Strengthening fight against corruption is urgent

14:06 | Lima, Nov. 28.

Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva on Wednesday affirmed it is more urgent than ever to continue and reinforce the fight against corruption in the Inca country.

"It is necessary to fight corruption head-on and to strengthen the justice (administration) system," the official expressed in this sense.

Likewise, the cabinet chief indicated the budget increase intended for the Judicial Branch and the Public Ministry will enable the implementation of the new Code of Criminal Procedure in the 29 judicial districts. 

Therefore, judicial procedures will be faster and more efficient, he forecasted.

Said implementation will also assure the function of 16 jurisdictional authorities specialized in corruption offenses in Ancash, Arequipa, Cajamarca, Cusco, La Libertad, Lambayeque, Piura, and Ucayali regions. 

Furthermore, S/583 million (around US$172 million) will be allocated to the Comptroller General's Office in order to strengthen its role in 2019.

"This task (reinforcing the fight against corruption) is part of the commitments made to Peruvians, the OECD agenda, and the leadership we have assumed on the internal and external fronts," the Prime Minister added. 


Published: 11/28/2018
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