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United States remains leading destination for Peru's agro-exports

09:30 | Lima, Mar. 17.

Peru's traditional and non-traditional agro-exports amounted to US$887,855,000 in January 2023 and had the United States as the indisputable leading destination, receiving 46% of these shipments (US$385,886,000), the Peruvian Exporters Association (Adex) has reported.

According to Adex’s Agro-exports Management, shipments to the U.S. last January (US$385,886,000) were 4.5% higher over the same month of 2021 (US$369,169,000). 

The 4.5% growth rate obtained in the first month of 2023 was better compared to that achieved by total agro-exports, which fell 2.6% during the first month, mainly due to the protests and blockades registered in various parts of Peru, Adex’s Agro-exports Manager Claudia Solano indicated.

"More than 100,000 formal workers in this sector and another 200,000 who work indirectly, could not fulfill their tasks, not only harming their income and the well-being of their families, but also Peru's image as a reliable supplier," the officer specified.

"The delay in the arrival of the exportable supply or the arrival of products in unrequested conditions, all they cause is arousing concern in buyers regarding their suppliers; it also opens up the possibility that markets, as important as the U.S., may decrease their orders," she added.

In this sense, Solano highlighted the work of Adex in promoting the participation of Peruvian businesspeople at the world's most recognized international food fairs: ISM Cologne (April 23-25), a trade mission to Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand) that will come to an end with the participation of companies at Thaifex fair (May 15 to 27), Seoul Food (May 30 to June 2), and Expoalimentaria (September 27 to 29).

Other events will be organized that aim to strengthen the capacities of various production chains, such as the Agro-exporters Lunch (April 13), the I International Passiflora Congress (June), and the XI Capsicum Congress (November).

Primary exports

On the other hand, Adex indicated that traditional agricultural dispatches (US$64,278,000) registered a decrease of -53.9% over the same month last year (US$139,695,000). They accounted for 7.2% of total agro-exports.

The leading product was coffee (US$58,935,000), accounting for 91.6% and a contraction of -55.5%, followed by cane sugars and others. Their main destination was the United States, followed by Germany and Belgium.

Added value

Non-traditional agricultural exports totaled US$823,576,000, registering a 6.7% growth and accounting for 92.8% of total agricultural shipments. 

Grapes, blueberries, fresh asparagus, other preparations to feed animals, and canned mangoes stood out in this sense.


Publicado: 17/3/2023