Prime Minister meets with Israeli Ambassador to Peru

Photo: PCM

Photo: PCM

17:03 | Lima, Apr. 12.

Prime Minister Anibal Torres on Tuesday said that he met with Israeli Ambassador to Peru Asaf Ichilevich at the headquarters of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM).

According to the Peruvian high-ranking official, Ichilevich's visit strengthens the historic ties of friendship and cooperation between both nations.

"Today I had a fraternal and sincere conversation with Israeli Ambassador Asaf Ichilevich, whom I thank for his visit," the Cabinet chief said in a post on Twitter.

Meeting with firefighters

On another occasion, Torres held a meeting with the General Corps of Volunteer Firefighters of Peru to discuss the main needs of the institution. 

The meeting also included the participation of the National Fire Department of Peru (INBP) and INBP Chief Luis Ponce.

Moreover, the head of the Ministerial Cabinet expressed his support for the hard work they do, as was revealed in a tweet released by the PCM.


Publicado: 12/4/2022