President: We will continue working to provide more equipment to volunteer firefighters

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

13:40 | Lima, Dec. 5.

The President of the Republic Dina Boluarte on Tuesday affirmed that the Executive Branch will continue working to provide more equipment to Peru's volunteer firefighters so that they go on carrying out their selfless work for the sake of society.

"From here, I reiterate my full support for the General Corps of Volunteer Firefighters, (composed of) brave women and brave men; rest assured that we will continue working to provide you with the tools you need to carry out your selfless work," she expressed.

Likewise, the Head of State specified that volunteer firefighters are an example of solidarity, brotherhood, resilience, and teamwork.

"In the midst of the harshest adversity, you always come out ahead; that is why today we ask you and all Peruvians to raise the flags of peace and unity, and embrace in one heart, today on your day, our brothers who are part of the team that saves lives despite their own," she said.

On behalf of Peruvian citizens, the top official thanked firefighters for their courageous actions carried out during the performance of duties, indicating that this institution "deserves the greatest recognition and support from authorities."

Moreover, Mrs. Boluarte underscored that among the equipment purchased are vehicle rescue kits, which will be distributed among 22 firefighting companies.

She also announced the delivery of auxiliary vehicles to 15 firefighting companies in Peru's interior regions.

"In some cases, these vehicles will arrive for the first time, which will serve to mobilize firefighters in the country's interior (regions); this equipment will have a positive impact on companies nationwide," she concluded.


Publicado: 5/12/2023