Peruvian Marcela Mitaynes wins New York Assembly primary elections

Photo by: Caroline Ourso/ Brooklyn Papers

Photo by: Caroline Ourso/ Brooklyn Papers

14:33 | New York (U.S.), Jul. 17.

Marcela Mitaynes —a Peruvian-born immigrant in the United States— recently announced her victory in the Democratic Party's primary election for the New York State Assembly, thus virtually guaranteeing her a seat.

"We defeated the Asst. Speaker of the State Assembly, a 26-year incumbent!" Mitaynes wrote on Twitter last Thursday.

The politician —who was elected by the District 51 located in Brooklyn— assured that she looks forward "to using the resources of my office to organize alongside workers in their struggles in the workplace and for a govt that puts people over profit."

The official results of the primaries are being  gradually released because —for the first time in its history— New York introduced pre-voting and postal voting for anyone, with the intention of allowing suffrage of those who did not want to physically go to the polls for fear of becoming infected with COVID-19.

Given the small number of registered Republican voters in her district and the bulky difference with which the Democratic candidates have traditionally imposed themselves on the Republicans, her victory in the November elections is taken for granted.

Supported by the Working Families Party, which represents one of the most progressive wings of the Democratic party, her victory at the polls also represents a new triumph for Bronx-born Ocasio-Cortez, of Puerto Rican descent.

On July 9, Ocasio-Cortez —AOC as she is best known in the US— submitted a list of New York candidates to the State Congress and Senate, as well as to the federal Congress whom she had decided to endorse politically, logistically, and financially.

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Publicado: 17/7/2020