Peru's Prime Minister says economic growth projection is very optimistic

Photo: ANDINA/Congress of the Republic

Photo: ANDINA/Congress of the Republic

13:06 | Lima, Apr. 1.

Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen affirmed that Peru's economic growth projection is very optimistic, within the framework of the meeting with eight non-grouped legislators before the request for the investiture vote at the Congress plenary session.

At the meeting, Adrianzen reiterated that the General Government Policy prioritizes economic reactivation and citizen security.

"We have to secure the country first and then begin the relaunch of the economy. The figures are moving forward in a very good way, and growth will reach 3% this year," he stated.

In this regard, the Cabinet chief underscored that the economic growth projection is very optimistic.

"I have good reason to believe that, in economic terms, the projection is very optimistic. All investments require efficient citizen security to be maintained," he expressed.

In his speech, the Prime Minister highlighted the situation experienced by families in the provinces of Pataz and Putumayo, in the regions of La Libertad and Loreto, respectively, where he learned firsthand the impact of citizen insecurity and drug trafficking.

Adrianzen called on the non-grouped legislators to work together and stated in advance the priorities of the message that he will deliver at the Congress plenary session. 

"You have an ally and facilitator in this President of the Council of Ministers," he concluded.

Accompanied by his Ministerial Cabinet, the Prime Minister will attend Congress on Wednesday, April 3, to request a vote of confidence from Parliament.


Publicado: 1/4/2024