Peru's President calls for unity of Latin America and Caribbean

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

10:08 | Mexico City (Mexico), Sep. 18.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo on Saturday called for the greatest unity and integration of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Remarks were made during his participation in the VI Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) at the National Palace of Mexico.

"It is necessary to understand that united we will achieve everything, disunited nothing," Mr. Castillo said, noting that COVID-19 is a health and historical problem. Thus, it is necessary to move from speeches to action.

After reminding his regional peers that the pandemic has claimed millions of lives around the world —including nearly 200,000 Peruvians— the President said CELAC should make the greatest effort to facilitate access to international financing destined both for the recovery and the reactivation of economies severely hit by COVID-19.

In this sense, the Head of State welcomed the fact that this issue be addressed at the summit along with major issues such as the consolidation of democracy, food security, universal access to education, compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the fight against: climate change, corruption, organized crime, drugs, and terrorism.

"We must fight for the protection of human rights, the freedoms of all people, gender equality, respect for indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples, among others," Mr. Castillo pointed out.

"The integration of Latin America and the Caribbean must be a permanent task, a daily activity, so that once and for all we meet the great needs, above understandable, natural ideological and political differences," he added.

The top official stressed that the summit agreed to establish the Latin American and Caribbean Space Agency, which will strengthen regional capacities through technological and scientific progress, in addition to the creation of the CELAC fund for a comprehensive response to disasters.

"Latin American and Caribbean integration is not a temporary issue but a great need. With this, we will have fulfilled the dream of Bolivar, San Martin, and Tupac Amaru," he emphasized.

The VI Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) brings together representatives from more than 30 nations.


Publicado: 18/9/2021