Peru's PM: Government reaffirms interest in fighting drug trafficking

08:00 | Lima, Oct. 14.

Peru's Prime Minister Mirtha Vasquez noted that the Government of Peru reaffirms its fight against drug trafficking and illicit crops in the country.

The Cabinet chief mentioned that the issue concerning the National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs (Devida) is important and that they (the authorities) are taking the time to designate its new head.

"This Government reaffirms its interest in the fight against drug trafficking and illicit crops. I believe that said commitment must be reaffirmed," she said.

When asked about the resignation of Devida's Executive President Fidel Pintado Pasapera, Vasquez noted that since it is irrevocable, "a person who has extensive capacity and knowledge, someone who builds sufficient consensus with the population" will be appointed.

"We are trying to avoid a void, and I believe it is essential that this sector continues to operate within the framework of the commitment to fighting drug trafficking," she stated.

In this regard, the high-ranking official explained that some communities are making certain basic demands, for example, they expect that the new Devida's head to be appointed will be a person open to dialogue and will continue with certain efforts they have made.

"We are moving as fast as we can and we are determined to solve the problems. It's not easy to do it in a few hours, but efforts are being made to that end," she added.

Her remarks were delivered during a press conference following the Council of Ministers session held Wednesday at the Government Palace in Lima.


Publicado: 14/10/2021