Peru's PM: Government guarantees security for investments

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru

13:07 | Tumbes (Tumbes region), May. 11.

Prime Minister Anibal Torres on Wednesday assured that the Government ensures security for investments and a market economy enshrined in the Constitution.

"It is not, as is often said, that we generate insecurity for investments. No one can ever show the slightest trace that we have acted in such a situation," Torres indicated at the beginning of the 
10th Decentralized Council of Ministers in Tumbes.

"We put into practice a market economy enshrined in the Constitution and that fully ensures that small, medium, or large companies can carry out their economic activities freely," he added.

In this sense, the Cabinet chief said that companies have every right to earn the profits that the market allows as long as they respect labor rights, pay their taxes, and do not commit bribery or other corruption acts.

The high-ranking official stressed that each Decentralized Council is a space for dialogue and agreement which seeks to work on a territorial development agenda for Tumbes, prioritizing regional demands to close inequality gaps.

"Here, we truly practice a direct democracy, with authorities placed on the same level as the population that discusses, debates, and participates in Government decision-making," he emphasized.

After saying that Tumbes has been affected by the El Niño phenomenon, he mentioned that S/12 million (about US$3.14 million) has been transferred to that region for a health center, roads, sidewalks, and a school in the Aguas Verdes area.

"It is up to local authorities to start working intensely to execute spending well and severely combat corruption. Not a cent can end up in corrupt hands; we must manage these activities to generate jobs because, with these investments in the public sector, jobs are generated and private companies are encouraged to do the same," he added.

Agriculture and other topics

The Prime Minister said the Government is working on how to acquire the urea that agriculture in the country needs.

"It will be bought and sold at a social price," Torres mentioned when projecting that a bill on this matter will be presented to Congress of the Republic. Thus, he asked lawmakers to address it as a priority.

Under this premise, he insisted on the need for the Executive and Legislative Branches to work together, putting Peru ahead of any political flag.

Moreover, Torres argued that there is currently a debatable and even detrimental political scenario to solve the country's urgent problems —something that must be overcome because it is also a claim from the population. 

He reminded citizens that representation means working for the benefit of the people represented (by authorities) and not for the own benefit.

Lastly, the Cabinet chief reiterated that the commitment to the nation's development must be prioritized, generating consensus and opportunities to improve citizens' quality of life.


Publicado: 11/5/2022