Peru's elections: 476 lists of candidates running for Congress, 16 for Andean Parliament

14:17 | Lima, Apr. 5.

476 lists of candidates running for Congress and 16 lists for Andean Parliament are eligible to participate in Peru's general elections scheduled for April 11, 2021, according to the National Elections Board (JNE).

In total, 20 political groups have nominated their candidates for Congress, including Contigo and Frepap, which are participating in the forthcoming elections without a presidential ticket. 

Contigo is not nominating candidates for Andean Parliament either.

Other political groups whose candidates are running for Congress and Andean Parliament are: Alianza para el Progreso, Democracia Directa, Frente Amplio, Partido Popular Cristiano, Partido Peru Libre, Avanza Pais, Victoria Nacional, and Fuerza Popular.

The list also includes Renacimiento Unido Nacional-Runa, Partido Morado, Partido Nacionalista, Accion Popular, Renovacion Popular, Juntos por el Peru, Somos Peru, Peru Patria Segura, Podemos Peru, and Union por el Peru.

It should be pointed out that the presidential tickets of these 18 parties will appear on the general election ballot.

Click here to see the full lists of candidates.


Publicado: 5/4/2021