Peru: With music, flowers and prayers, believers honor dead loves ones on All Saints Day

Photo: ANDINA/Melina Mejia

Photo: ANDINA/Melina Mejia

15:30 | Lima, Nov. 1.

All Saints' Day is a date expected by thousands of Peruvian citizens to honor their loved ones who left this world —especially those who passed away early due to the pandemic.

Music, flowers, and prayers were the constant elements at various cemeteries in the Peruvian capital, Lima, on this occasion.

Said venues were crowded since the early hours by entire families willing to feel close to their deceased relatives.

El Angel Cemetery opened its doors at 8:00 a.m. (local time). By noon, it was receiving visitors from all over the country. It will remain open until 5:00 p.m.

Deputy Business Manager at Beneficencia de Lima (Charity of Lima), Javier Jaramillo, projected that more than 20,000 guests will tour the site today.

As in previous years, families have been requested not to bring natural flowers into the cemetery to avoid the presence of mosquitoes, which are dangerous vectors of dengue.

In the surroundings of this area, a large number of artificial flower vendors arrived, as well as food stalls, previously registered by the Municipality of El Agustino district.

Carrying candles and images of their relatives who had already left this world, hundreds of Lima residents entered the cemetery in the very early hours of the morning to visit their loved ones.

Many attendees bring into the present memories of their family members who had died early due to COVID-19.

All Saints' Day is considered a national holiday in Peru.


Publicado: 1/11/2022