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Peru: State Ministers get fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Photo: Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru

Photo: Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru

13:36 | Arequipa (Arequipa region), Jun. 21.

Peruvian Ministers Alejandro Salas (Culture) and Rosendo Serna (Education) on Tuesday received their fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in the city of Arequipa, ahead of their participation at the 17th Decentralized Council of Ministers.

The administration of the jabs was supervised by Prime Minister Anibal Torres and Health Minister Jorge Lopez.

Salas remarked that the fourth dose is an effort by the Government to have a healthy nation.

"Every citizen has the obligation to combat the pandemic, which not only has resulted in the loss of lives, but has also affected the economic activity," he said in statements to TVPeru.

According to the government official, the only way for the country to move forward is by getting the population vaccinated; otherwise, the COVID-19 virus will still be present, causing trouble.  

"The State is making the effort to do so. The goal should be to get 100% of the population vaccinated so as to have a country free of COVID-19," Salas stated.

The rollout of the fourth dose will be carried out as the vaccination coverage progresses across the country and as gaps are closed.


Publicado: 21/6/2022