Peru seeks greater benefits for foreign trade in APEC

13:34 | Lima, Jan. 22.

Peru's Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry (Mincetur) currently undertakes efforts to create a work agenda aimed at achieving greater benefits for Peru at the next Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation's (APEC) meetings, especially in the foreign trade and investment spheres.

For that reason, a work meeting was held. 70 officials from 23 national institutions —from the private and academic sectors— joined the event in order to establish the Inca country's priorities for 2019. 

"We currently have a very active participation, which is recognized by the (APEC) Forum's economies. We want to optimize and achieve greater benefits for Peru this year," Deputy Foreign Trade Minister Sayuri Bayona expressed. 

The gathering was called "Peru in APEC 2018: Information on Trade and Investment activities in 2018 and APEC priorities for 2019."

"Peru was the host of APEC meetings in 2008 and 2016. Right now, it works on collecting the results of said presidencies and deepening, even more, the participation in the forum and the trade relations with other member economies," Bayona added. 

The Inca country has been an APEC member since 1998. 

It must be noted APEC economies accounted for 60% of the world's GDP in 2018, 40% of the population, and 50% of global trade. 


Publicado: 22/1/2019