Peru remained world's leading exporter of blueberries in 2022

19:06 | Lima, Mar. 31.

In 2022, Peru was the world's top exporter of blueberries by registering US$1.362 billion in sales abroad, surpassing the United States, Spain, Canada, the Netherlands, and Morocco, the Peruvian Exporters Association (Adex) reported on Friday.

According to Adex's Global Business and Economics Research Center, our country remained in that privileged position for fourth consecutive year.

In 2021, blueberry shipments reached US$1.221 billion, which implied an expansion of 172% compared to 2020.

"This good performance is the outcome of more than 10 years of investment by companies. We have a production that we hope will continue growing. Therefore, a stable legal framework is needed that truly promotes private activities," Adex Consulting chief Lizbeth Pumasunco said.

In recent years, regions and cultivated hectares have increased.

By 2016, La Libertad region stood out hosting more than 1,700 hectares, followed by Lima, Lambayeque, Ancash, Ica, and Cajamarca regions. Others, such as Piura and Moquegua, were added due to global demand.

The same happens with the number of varieties. Currently, there are more than 65, although the most important ones are Ventura and Biloxi, which account for around 58% of the total. Others are Rocío, Emerald, Sekoya Pop, Atlas Blue, and Sekoya Beauty.

The guild highlighted the importance of continuing the joint work between public and private sectors by organizing trade missions to international fairs and events whose objective is to strengthen the capacities of various productive chains' members.

In this sense, Adex Agribusiness, Food, and Beverage Committee Chairwoman Amanda Gallegos gave details of the 21st Agro-export Luncheon to be held on April 13.

"It will see the presence of Peruvian and foreign exhibitors, who will address issues related to safety, new products, market trends, technologies, and other aspects," she said.

Figures as of January

Although the largest shipments of these berries are usually registered from August to December, they totaled US$72.62 million in January 2023, reaching 4% growth over the same month of 2022 when the figure stood at US$69.75 million.

Peruvian blueberries reached 25 destinations last January.

The U.S. led the ranking (US$31.31 million). Although its demand dropped 7.9%, it still accounted for 51.4%.

The Netherlands held the second position (US$19.58 million), accounting for 27% and a 10.5% increase.

The ranking also included the United Kingdom (US$6.10 million), China (US$5.91 million), Hong Kong (US$2.09 million), Thailand, Ireland, Spain, Israel, and Brazil. Of this group, the latter registered the highest increase (1,572.1%).


Publicado: 31/3/2023