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Peru: Prosecutor's Office carries out simultaneous operations linked to Odebrecht case


Peru's Lava Jato Case Special Prosecutor German Juarez leads a seizure operation. Photo: Andina/Juan Carlos Guzmán Negrini

15:50 | Lima, Aug. 17.

Peru's Lava Jato Case Special Prosecution Group member German Juarez currently leads a simultaneous operation in Lima and San Martín region, within the framework of the investigations into the alleged bribes paid by Brazilian company Odebrecht to former officials in exchange for works.

During the event, the preliminary arrest of Juan Carlos Silva, former head of Legal Counsel for the Central Huallaga and Bajo Mayo Special Project, was conducted.

Likewise, home and personal search, as well as seizure were ordered, in compliance with the provisions of Judge Juan Carlos Sanchez Balbuena.

These measures included properties located in the following districts of Lima: Surco (2), San Borja (1), in addition to one in the city of Tarapoto, San Martin region.

Assets such as computers, USB devices and laptop were seized, which are linked to the investigation carried out over the crime of corruption of officials-collusion, improper passive bribery and criminal organization to the detriment of the Peruvian State.

The seizure was ordered within the framework of the investigation on former Minister and ex-Congressman Cesar Villanueva.

On April 1, the First Criminal Appeals Chamber of the Judiciary declared founded the request of Villanueva, thus changing the preventive detention for house arrest due to alleged health problems.


Publicado: 17/8/2020