Peru President closes multisectoral "World of Illusions" fair

10:24 | Lima, Dec. 8.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra closed the multisectoral fair "World of Illusions," an initiative that promotes culture, knowledge, and development of values among children and teenagers in vulnerable situations.

The event —attended by Peru's First Lady Maribel Diaz— took place at the Government Palace's Courtyard in Lima and brought together 3,000 children.

"This fair has allowed us to discover other cultures and, above all, to know about our own country because Peru is so large that Peruvians fail to discover the benefits available in the regions across the country," he said.

According to the Head of State, the fair led visitors —mostly children— to understand that Peru is part of a globalized world where there are multiple cultures as important as the Peruvian one.

"We needed the support of many institutions, embassies, and staff at the Government Palace to embark on this magical journey at World of Illusions. This shows that we can achieve our objectives when we get together and set goals," he noted.

The multicultural event "World of Illusions" has been organized in cooperation with diplomatic corps, as well as Ministries of Interior, Women-Vulnerable Populations, and Agriculture, among others.

Held on Saturday, the closing ceremony also featured ambassadors and government officials.


Publicado: 8/12/2019