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Peru President: Agreement with Odebrecht will help uncover the truth

09:04 | Moquegua (Moquegua region), Feb. 17.

President Martin Vizcarra expressed support for the recently signed collaboration agreement between Peru and Odebrecht , claiming it will help Peruvians uncover the truth about corruption in the country.

"This agreement is necessary to get to the bottom of it. Authorities and people of Peru want to know the truth in depth," he told Andina news agency from Moquegua region.

The abovementioned negotiation, he said, will reveal who received bribes to conduct overpriced projects.

"Peruvians have the right to know it and recover our moral integrity. We have the right to see those responsible punished," he noted.

According to the Head of State, further interrogation is necessary to find those responsible for corruption, which has caused severe harm to the country.

"We expect this to continue, [I offer] my full support, without powers' interference, respecting the decision of the Public Ministry and the Judiciary. We expect interrogations will continue and that the truth about this large-scale corruption will come out," he said.

This deal is intended to procure evidence and testimonies for the investigation of corruption cases in the Andean nation.

As part of the negotiation, construction giant Odebrecht pledged to pay S/610 million (around US$182 million) —plus interests that may arise— in civil reparations to the Peruvian State over a period of 15 years.

More importantly, the agreement will provide valuable information in the quest to discover the truth.


Publicado: 17/2/2019