Peru: Ombudsman's Office condemns acts of violence against two farms in Ica

Photo: ANDINA/Eddy Ramos

Photo: ANDINA/Eddy Ramos

18:24 | Lima, Jan. 23.

The Ombudsman's Office on Monday condemned the acts of violence perpetrated against two agro-exporting companies located in the region of Ica, south of Lima.

"We condemn acts of violence against two farms. We reiterate that nothing justifies acts of vandalism and, on the contrary, they delegitimize citizens' right to protest. Protest does not involve violence," the institution posted on its Twitter account.

According to journalistic information, this morning a group of protesters attacked the farms owned by agro-exporting companies located in the Salas Guadalupe area, at the exit of the city of Ica, towards Lima.

According to Canal N, the protesters were seen forcing employees to abandon their work stations.

Likewise, a video captured the way they burned furniture at the aforementioned agro-exporting companies, and how they broke boxes and everything that was stored.

On the other hand, in another publication, the Ombudsman's Office informed of its work carried out in the Rancho area, in the district of Churubamba (Huanuco region).

A video shows how an Ombudsman's Office official urges protesters to engage in dialogue, as well as to allow vehicles and ambulances to pass.

"We reiterate that people must exercise the right to protest in a peaceful manner, without violating the rights of third parties, including freedom of transit," the publication reads.


Publicado: 23/1/2023