Peru: OEFA announces first fine against Repsol

Photo: ANDINA/Jhonel Rodríguez

Photo: ANDINA/Jhonel Rodríguez

11:41 | Lima, Jan. 27.

The Agency for Environmental Assessment and Enforcement (OEFA) will issue a fine of 4,000 tax units (S/18.4 million = US$4.78 million) to the Repsol company for failing to comply with one of the measures ordered by the institution in light of the oil spill that occurred in Lima district's Vetanilla sea area.

During a press conference held on Wednesday evening, OEFA chief Miriam Alegria explained that Repsol has not complied with the first measure imposed, that is, the identification of the areas affected by the spill on January 15.

Nor has it carried out work to contain and recover the hydrocarbon in the affected areas, or completed the tasks consisting of segregation, transportation, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste.

"Yesterday (last Tuesday), the deadline of the first measure dictated on January 18 on the company for the imposition of the coercive fine expired. Repsol has not complied with identifying the areas affected by the oil spill," Alegria indicated.

In the same way, the official reported that the deadline established by OEFA for Repsol to carry out the conservation, custody, and rescue of the marine fauna affected in the protected natural areas —such as Isla Pescadores (Fishermen's Island) and Zona Reservada de Ancon (Ancon Reserved Zone)— has expired.

"The deadline expires today (Wednesday), and tomorrow (Thursday) we will be carrying out field inspections. If we verify that the company has not met (the obligations), we will also initiate the requirement to impose the coercive fine," she explained.

The deadlines set by OEFA for Repsol to comply with are short due to the urgency of providing an adequate treatment to the area affected by the oil spill, Alegria indicated.

The official added that failure to comply with the measures imposed by OEFA entails an administrative sanctioning process.

OEFA continues to monitor the beaches where it has identified the impact of the oil spill. In the next hours, it will notify the company of its responsibility for failing to comply with a preventive measure.

"The fines go up to 4,000 tax units just for failing to comply with a preventive measure. Each measure has an independent path," she noted.

Oil spill

After meeting with Repsol representatives, Environment Minister Ruben Ramirez pointed out that around 6,000 barrels of oil were spilled.

The oil slick has spread along the coast of Ventanilla, reaching Ancon and Chancay, where a negative impact on marine flora and fauna is registered.


Publicado: 27/1/2022