Peru laments Nicaragua decision to deny entry of OAS Commission

11:02 | Lima, Sep. 18.

The Peruvian Government has lamented the Nicaraguan Government's decision to prevent the Organization of American States' (OAS) Commission from entering the country.

The Commission was in charge carrying out high-level diplomatic work in order to find a peaceful and effective solution to the crisis that has been affecting the nation since April 2018, in compliance with a resolution adopted by the 49th OAS General Assembly

Because of this situation, which hinders the good offices of the Inter-American System, the Peruvian Government urges Nicaraguan authorities to reconsider their decision and to allow the Commission to comply with its orders. 

The group is composed of representatives of Argentina, Canada, the United States, Jamaica, and Paraguay. 

The Nicaraguan Government invoked the Constitution and the General Migration Law to deny entry of OAS Commission members. 


Publicado: 18/9/2019

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