Peru increases COVID-19 testing processing capacity fivefold

09:52 | Lima, Apr. 6.

Health Minister Victor Zamora reported that Peru has managed to increase its capacity to process molecular tests —for the detection of COVID-19— fivefold.

Zamora explained that 500 tests were conducted on a daily basis 13 days ago, and now labs can run 1,500 tests, although there is room for more: up to 2,500 tests daily.

In statements to Agenda Politica TV show, the sector head said that the installed capacity (2,500 tests per day) has not been fully used.

"We are collecting the samples. If we had collected them before, we could not have processed them. People used to complain for the results before, since they took up to 5 days, but this is not happening in most cases anymore because our capacity has improved significantly," he expressed.

The Cabinet member affirmed that the National Health Institute (INS) is working with nine public and private laboratories across the country, which have the capacity to analyze evidence of this infection.

"We have acquired 54,000 molecular tests, of which 4,000 are already stored at our warehouses and 50,000 will be distributed throughout April and part of May. We are working to get 350,000 additional molecular tests, which will be introduced to our system in the coming months," he added.

This is complemented by the 1.4 million rapid tests —recently acquired by the Government—  of which 350,000 have already been distributed to all regions.


Publicado: 6/4/2020

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