Peru: Government officializes appointments of six Ministers

Photo: ANDINA/Andres Valle

Photo: ANDINA/Andres Valle

09:30 | Lima, Apr. 2.

The Executive Branch has made official the appointment of six State Ministers, through six supreme resolutions published in the Official Gazette El Peruano on Tuesday.

Via six other resolutions of this type, the resignations of the same number of citizens who had been holding the position of Minister were accepted.

Walter Ortiz Acosta has become the new Interior Minister, following the resignation of Victor Torres Falcon from the post.

Likewise, Morgan Quero Gaime was appointed as Education Minister, replacing resigning Miriam Ponce Vertiz.

Angel Manero Campos was designated as Agrarian Development and Irrigation Minister, after the resignation of Jennifer Contreras Alvarez.

The Production Ministry's portfolio will be led by Sergio Gonzalez Guerrero, who replaces resigning Ana Maria Choquehuanca in the post.

In turn, Elizabeth Galdo Marin succeeds Juan Carlos Mathews Salazar in the Foreign Trade and Tourism portfolio.

Angela Hernandez Cajo is the new Women and Vulnerable Populations Minister, replacing Nancy Tolentino Gamarra.

On the other hand, the resignation of Paul Caiguaray Perez from the Deputy Ministry of Territorial Governance at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers was accepted.


Publicado: 2/4/2024