Peru: EsSalud hospitals in Ancash region see drop in COVID-19 hospitalizations

18:09 | Chimbote (Ancash region), Feb. 23.

Ancash Healthcare Network Manager Ramon De La Cruz on Tuesday affirmed that there is a downward trend in medical care and hospitalizations related to COVID-19 at hospitals run by the Social Health Insurance System (EsSalud) in the coastal area of this region.

"We have noticed that medical consultations for respiratory symptoms have dropped considerably," he said.

De La Cruz explained that up to 180 patients with COVID-19 symptoms were treated daily in the Basic Primary Care Unit (UBAP) during the darkest days of the second wave. Today, the number has reached up to 90 people per day.

"The long lines of people seeking care at Hospital No. I in the Southern Cone (Nuevo Chimbote), which stretched around the corner, have disappeared. The influx of patients has decreased, too," he commented.

Regarding hospitalizations at Hospital No. III of Laderas del Norte urbanization in the city of Chimbote, the physician reported that beds are 60% full now, considering they had been fully occupied.

"ICU beds are at 100% capacity, but there is a downward trend in general," he added.

According to the doctor, the factors determining the pandemic's behavior along the Ancash coast can be the targeted lockdown, the improvement in health care habits of the population, or the behavior of the virus itself.

"The second wave was expected to reach a very high peak and to descend vertically. Maybe, the lockdown had the expected effect or people are taking better care of themselves. This analysis will be carried out by epidemiologists," he pointed.


Publicado: 23/2/2021