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Peru condemns human rights violations in Ukraine

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru

09:00 | Geneva (Switzerland), May. 13.

Peru has expressed its concern over serious and persistent reports of violations of human rights and international humanitarian law that are being documented in Ukraine.

On Thursday, Peru participated in the Special Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council held in Geneva.

The session was urgently convened —with the support of Peru— to address the deterioration of the human rights situation in Ukraine stemming from the Russian aggression.

The Permanent Representative of Peru in Geneva, Ambassador Luis Chuquihuara, expressed Peru's rejection of indiscriminate bombings in populated areas, killing civilians, as well as destroying hospitals, schools, and other civilian infrastructure.
He expressed his concern over the growing allegations of sexual violence against women, men, girls, and boys related to the conflict.

Moreover, Chuquihuara reaffirmed the importance of ensuring adequate and safe support services for victims.

The Peruvian Ambassador condemned the summary executions of civilians that have been documented, and he demanded that these and other events such as cases of arbitrary detentions, forced disappearances, and the use of torture be fully investigated.
The diplomat reiterated that Peru demands strict respect for international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

Likewise, he called on parties to redouble efforts to find a diplomatic, peaceful, and negotiated solution to the conflict, in compliance with the principles and obligations contained in the United Nations Charter.
After the debate, the Human Rights Council adopted a resolution —supported by Peru— reiterating its call for an immediate cessation of military hostilities against Ukraine and on all parties to respect international humanitarian law and cease any violation of human rights in Ukraine.

In addition, the Council requested the recently created Independent International Commission of Inquiry to address the events that occurred in Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Kharkiv.


Publicado: 13/5/2022