Peru: 15,000 victims and affected people after rains and floods in Madre de Dios

11:58 | Puerto Maldonado (Madre de Dios region), Feb. 22.

Recent rains and floods —caused by overflowing rivers— have resulted in at least 15,000 victims and affected people in Madre de Dios region, Environment Minister Gabriel Quijandria reported on Monday from the affected area.

During his visit to Puerto Maldonado, Quijandria affirmed that the situation in Madre de Dios is worrying, adding that —according to an evaluation carried out by regional authorities— about 1,500 homes have been damaged by the floods; besides, water and electricity services have been interrupted.

On the other hand, 3,000 hectares of crops have been affected by the floods as well.

"We arrived yesterday (February 21) in Madre de Dios and we have flown over affected areas in Puerto Maldonado and other remote localities, where the situation is quite worrying. There is significant damage in several towns, such as Laberinto," he said.

The government official announced that an Armed Forces aircraft will arrive in Puerto Maldonado in the next few hours to deliver a shipment of humanitarian aid provided by the National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci).

According to the minister, Indeci will also send aid by land, from its warehouses in Cusco and Puno.

However, he noted that said warehouses must also deal with emergencies in jungle areas of both regions —such as Sandia and Carabaya in Puno, as well as La Convencion in Cusco— where various natural events have occurred.

In statements to TV Peru, Quijandria reported that several schools and health facilities have been flooded.

"The town of Laberinto has been seriously damaged," he remarked.


Publicado: 22/2/2021