ONPE official results: Castillo (50.198%); Fujimori (49.802%) at 100%

Pedro Castillo, Keiko Fujimori

Pedro Castillo, Keiko Fujimori

15:53 | Lima, Jun. 10.

Candidate Pedro Castillo (Peru Libre) obtained 50.198% of votes in Peru's presidential runoff election, followed by Keiko Fujimori (Fuerza Popular) with 49.802% —out of 100% of voting records processed by the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE).

According to ONPE's latest report, Castillo received a total of 8,800,081 votes, while his contender, Fujimori, got 8,730,535.

In total, there are 17,530,616 valid votes, 120,931 blank votes, and 1,086,214 invalid votes, bringing the total of ballots cast to 18,737,761.

Moreover, the report indicates that 74.663% of citizens took part in the electoral process.

In addition, the electoral body said that 86,488 voting records were processed, while 647 were sent to the National Elections Board (JNE).

Processed voting records

This result was achieved after receiving the last two voting records —coming from Morona district (Loreto region)— at the Decentralized Electoral Process Office in Alto Amazonas Province.

Processed voting records are the ones whose data are entered and verified at the corresponding tally centers, while counted voting records are those whose votes have been counted.

Due to weather conditions, among the last voting records to be processed were also those from Cusco and Junin regions.

ONPE's head Piero Corvetto thanked the electoral body's staff for this achievement and confirmed that the final result will reflect the popular will expressed at the polls.

Contested voting records

According to the ONPE, now the population has to wait for Special Electoral Boards (JEE) to issue a decision on some voting records whose votes were excluded from the count, due to mistakes, incomplete information, challenged votes, or other reasons.


Publicado: 10/6/2021