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Non-primary industry in Peru records historic growth of 6.1% as of April 2022

17:31 | Lima, Jun. 21.

Industrial production registered an increase of 2.7% last April and a growth of 2.2% in the first four-month period of the year, boosted by the dynamism of the non-primary industry, which registered a growth of 6.1% as of April, the National Society of Industries (SNI) reported on Tuesday.

According to SNI's Institute of Economic and Social Studies (IEES), Peru's primary industry contracted 9.9%.

"It is important to highlight the performance of the non-primary industry —related to consumer, intermediate, and capital goods— which not only experienced an increase in the first four months of the year over the same period in 2021, but has been producing at higher levels compared to 2019," said Jesus Salazar, the head of the SNI. 

In 2021, the higher value-added industry exceeded its production level in 2019 by 4.8%; and its production between January and April was 8.9% above the same pre-pandemic period and even since 2012.

Dynamic sectors

The head of the SNI remarked that the positive performance of the non-primary industry is mainly due to a dynamic group of industrial sectors, whose production in 2021 exceeded that of 2019 and growth rates in the first four-month period of 2022 remained unchanged compared to the same period of the previous year.

Within this group of industrial sectors, the principal ones are those related to the metal-mechanic industry, non-metallic mineral products, and the manufacture of beverages.

At the level of industrial branches, noteworthy was the growth in the production of metal derivatives (34.7%), of cement, lime, and plaster (8.1%), and of malted and malt-based beverages (32.8%), registered in the first four-month period of the year.

This result benefited from the dynamism of the construction sector, the normalization of services sectors such as trade, accommodation, and restaurants, as well as greater consumption of families.


Publicado: 21/6/2022