Meet Robert Garcia: The Peruvian who could become U.S. Congressman

Photo: Metro Latino USA

Photo: Metro Latino USA

19:00 | Long Beach (U.S.), Nov. 2.

Robert Garcia could be elected United States Congressman in the upcoming election on November 8.

Garcia arrived in the North American country from his native Peru at age 5. He is currently 45 years old and is the Mayor of Long Beach —the second-largest city in Los Angeles County.

"His story is that of thousands of immigrants searching for the American dream. When he was a 5-year-old boy, he came to Los Angeles from Peru on a temporary visa without being able to speak any English. If he reaches Congress, he will work with determination to promote comprehensive immigration reform," read a story published by Metro Latino USA.

"I'm running for Congress because every kid –and every family– deserves a real shot at opportunity. Congress should be an institution that actually helps people and improves Americans' lives," Garcia expressed on his official website and social media channels.

In a recent interview with People's World, the current mayor stated that he will fight hard to expand pathways to citizenship for undocumented residents and fight to end legal discrimination against undocumented residents.

"But thanks to a progressive change in immigration law passed by Congress in the 1980s, we were able to apply for permanent legal residency. I became a U.S. citizen at 21. It was the happiest day of my life," he highlighted.

"At the United States Congress, Robert Garcia will work hard to make the much-needed immigration reform a reality," said Carmen Stewart, Deputy Chairwoman of the Peruvian-American Coalition (PAC) of California.

"Robert Garcia, our leader for Congress, received the political endorsement from the Peruvian-American Political Organizations (PAPO-USA) and Peruvian businesspeople in California," she added.

After urging voters to go out and vote for him on November 8, Stewart affirmed that this candidate —who has a political history as mayor and Democratic leader, without forgetting his country of origin— promised that, as soon as he takes up duties in Washington D.C., he will work on legislation that favors interaction with Peru.

The mayor —a college and university educator— holds an M.A. from the University of Southern California and an Ed.D. in Higher Education from Cal State Long Beach, where he also earned his B.A. in Communications.

According to his official website, Robert Garcia grew up in Southern California. Upon his election as local authority in Long Beach, he became the first immigrant and LGBTQ mayor in the city's history.


Publicado: 2/11/2022