FA Min notes contribution of Peruvian community on Day of Peruvians Living Abroad

Foreign Affairs Minister Mario Lopez. Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Foreign Affairs Minister Mario Lopez. Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

14:01 | Lima, Oct. 18.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday highlighted the invaluable contribution of the Peruvian community around the world and expressed appreciation and admiration for its efforts to preserve culture, on the occasion of the Day of Peruvians Living Abroad.

In a video —shared by the country's diplomatic missions abroad— Foreign Affairs Minister Mario Lopez sent a fraternal greeting to Peruvians overseas, expressing his appreciation for their effort as well as their work and self-improvement capacity.

"Not only do Peruvians contribute to the local economy and well-being of their families but —by doing so— they raise the name of our beloved Peru," the minister noted.

He remarked that the health emergency caused by the coronavirus has shown Peruvians' courage, deep sympathy, and ability to adapt abroad.

The health crisis, in turn, has posed a greater challenge for the Ministry, so as to provide the necessary assistance to Peruvians stranded abroad, including food, accommodation, and arrangements to repatriate over 41,000 compatriots, as well as to maintain essential consular services and increase consular procedures.

"Free, democratic, transparent, and participatory elections will be held during the country's bicentennial year, so we spare no effort to leave —for the next administration— a country that moves towards recovery and development, while emerging from an unprecedented economic and social crisis," he explained.

In this regard, Lopez noted that for the first time in history, in the 2021 elections, there will be an electoral district for citizens living abroad, which has been long awaited by Peruvians overseas, who will have two representatives in Parliament.

According to the government official, he hopes this will contribute to further strengthen the link between communities abroad and the political-economic life of Peru, as well as to broaden the focus of public policies to include communities living abroad.

"He reiterated the willingness of the Foreign Affairs Ministry to continue to assist Peruvian communities around the world by providing quality consular services and protection, being aware of the important role of the Ministry as a means of connection with Peru," the diplomat stated.


Publicado: 18/10/2020