FA Min highlights Peru's economic potential at South Korea cooperation forum

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

13:19 | Seoul (South Korea), Jun. 10.

At the 2024 Korea-LAC Future Cooperation Forum held in Seoul, Peruvian Foreign Affairs Minister Javier Gonzalez-Olaechea highlighted Peru's potential thanks to its economic growth, currency stability, and proper fiscal accounts management.

Before high-ranking South Korean and Latin American authorities, the Cabinet member pointed out that in the past 20 years Peru's fiscal accounts have grown, its currency has remained stable, and there is a low correlation between debt and gross domestic product (GDP).

In his presentation, he referred to the importance of learning from South Korea's good practices and achieving adequate income redistribution.

"The large social gaps that exist in Latin America must be closed urgently," he expressed.

During his participation in the "Strengthening the Partnership between Korea and Latin America-the Caribbean, in the midst of global uncertainty" discussion panel, Minister Gonzalez-Olaechea spoke about the challenges that the growing disruptive era represents for the social and political governance of countries, marked by AI, new forms of communication, and bio-engineering, which in just 25 years will create pockets of society, posing the great challenge of not only increasing population's income but achieving cooperation without borders.

"Societies must find solutions as in their origin: cooperating, not confronting, thus prioritizing in intelligent budgets what must be done in accordance with (the interests of) the vast majority, rather than privileging what benefits a few," Gonzalez-Olaechea stated.

Meetings with authorities

The Peruvian Cabinet member participated in the Group Meeting of Latin American Ministers with South Korean Prime Minister Han Duck-soo, where aspects related to the state of cooperation between the Republic of Korea and Latin America were discussed.

Besides, the Peruvian dignitary held a meeting with South Korean Interior Minister, Lee Sang-min, to whom he shared Peru's interest in participating in a pilot project framed in the Saemaul Undong program, in charge of his portfolio, aimed at contributing with efficient alternatives for agricultural development and the fight against poverty, through self-financed projects designed by each community.

He discussed with the South Korean Minister the initiative "Strengthening the Security and Data Quality Management of the Peruvian National Police (PNP) for the Fight against Transnational Organized Crime," as well as PNP training in matters of anti-riot control, including equipment and material.

Lastly, the Peruvian dignitary met with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) South and Central America Department Director General, Kim Byeong-eun, whom he thanked for the operation in Peru of 20 projects to strengthen public services, healthcare, and environment preservation.

At the meeting, Gonzalez-Olaechea proposed initiatives related to digitalizing processes and ensuring data privacy in the healthcare system, as well as cooperation with the Foreign Affairs Ministry for the digitalization of processes for handling consular procedures, guaranteeing data security. Both of them were received with great willingness.


Publicado: 10/6/2024