Cultural tourists spend US$1,633, stay for 11 days on average in Peru

11:30 | Lima, Apr. 24.

Foreign visitors engaging in cultural activities in Peru spend US$1,633 and stay for 11 days on average as they explore the Inca country's three regions, the latest Foreign Tourist Profile revealed.

According to the Exports and Tourism Promotion Board's (PromPeru) study, the average expenditure of overseas visitors interested in cultural tourism was US$88 more than that of an average vacationer.

Out of the total cultural tourists, 51% opted for independent travel and spent US$1,203 on average, while the remaining 49%, with an average expenditure of US$2,081, took a package tour.

Independent visitors spend on accommodation (25%), food (23%), tourist attraction visits (22%), transport (17%), souvenirs and other travel-related items (11%), among others (2%).

For their part, those who pay for a package tour allocate 86% of their budget to it and the difference is distributed in food, shopping, and other expenses.

In respect to the accommodation type, 44% of tourists stay at a hotel or a three-star inn, whereas 36% prefer three- or four-star hotels, 23% stay in hostels, 15% rest at two-star hotels, and the remaining 11% prefer a campsite.  

According to the 2017 Foreign Tourist Profile, 26% of holidaymakers come from the United States. Other source countries are Chile (7%), Argentina (6%), Brazil (6%), Canada (5%), France (5%), Colombia (4%), the United Kingdom (4%), Japan (3%), Australia (3%), and other nations (24%).

The study is based on 2,419 surveys conducted at Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima.

Respondents were travelers aged 15 and over who stayed in Peru for at least one night, and whose purpose of travel was for vacation, recreation or leisure.


Publicado: 24/4/2019