COVID-19 in Peru: Resources to be allocated for urban transport system and elderly care

15:06 | Lima, Mar. 13.

Economy and Finance Minister Maria Antonieta Alva on Friday announced that the Executive Branch is preparing a second package of measures to mitigate the impacts caused by the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Peru.

According to the minister, these measures include an additional resources allocation to the Urban Transport Authority for Lima and Callao (ATU) with the aim of conducting a massive clean-up operation in the public transport system.

Likewise, an additional transfer to the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) will be considered so as to establish a support network for the elderly.

Fiscal and monetary space

"In partnership with economic authorities (Central Reserve Bank of Peru, as well as Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and Private Pension Fund Administrators—SBS), we are evaluating other measures to mitigate the coronavirus impact. We have fiscal and monetary space," the government official said in a press briefing.

The responsible management of Peru over the last decades has enabled us to have enough fiscal strength today in order to deal with this situation.  

"The coronavirus economic impact will depend on its level of spread in our country, which is why we are taking measures to prevent and control the expansion," she commented.

Alva noted that economic authorities have joined forces since Thursday to monitor the performance of economic and financial variables and, thus, design measures in a timely manner.


Publicado: 13/3/2020