8th Quechua Alliance Annual Meeting held in Chicago

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru

16:00 | Chicago (U.S.), Apr. 16.

The Consulate General of Peru in Chicago participated in the 8th Quechua Alliance Annual Meeting held on April 13, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reported.

This event was organized by The Quechua Alliance at the headquarters of Northwestern University in the aforementioned metropolis. 

It was attended by students, professors, and the public from various Latin American countries and the United States interested in the Quechua language.

They witnessed the observance of the ancestral ritual based on an offering to the Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Later, attendees exchanged ideas intended to keep the Quechua language alive and disseminate the cultural richness of one of Peru's official languages in the U.S.

The meeting concluded with a concert featuring Quecha hip-hop singer, Liberato Kani, and other artistic expressions, such as scissors dancing, Quechua-language tales, among others.

It must be noted that The Quechua Alliance disseminates said language and Andean culture in the North American country.


Publicado: 16/4/2024