Agro-industry to benefit from Peru-India FTA

14:46 | Lima, Feb. 27.

Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Edgar Vasquez on Wednesday affirmed the agro-industry sector will be the first to benefit from the future Peru-India Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

"This FTA must be assessed in the short-, medium-, and long-terms," the official told Radio Nacional. 

Legumes and vegetables 

According to him, the Asian country is one of the largest consumers of legumes. Thus, Peruvian beans and chickpeas have a great positioning opportunity ahead. The same applies to Peruvian fruits such as grapes and mangoes. 

Likewise, Minister Vasquez indicated products like asparagus, artichokes, and blueberries have potential in that market.

Other sectors

Furthermore, other sectors that will benefit from it in the medium-term are the metal-mechanic and chemical-plastic spheres. 

Business rounds 

On the other hand, the Foreign Trade and Tourism head recalled the fourth business round with India will take place in Lima. 

"This FTA is very important since India is the only big and dynamic market with which we do not have a trade accord by now," he said. 

Vasquez also informed two business rounds are scheduled for the first half of the year and the next one would be held in June. 

Other FTAs

The official went on to add the Government currently negotiates with other countries in order to strengthen the signed FTAs

"(…) For example, we are seeking to reinforce the accord with Argentina, and we are also working on the upgrade of the accord with China," he concluded. 


Published: 2/27/2019