Papa Francisco saluda a enfermos que lo esperaban en la Nunciatura. Foto: ANDINA/Ruben Grandez

Peru: Pope Francis returns to Apostolic Nunciature

His Holiness Pope Francis on Saturday evening returned to the Apostolic Nunciature in Lima's Jesus Maria district, where he will spend the night following a hectic day in northern La Libertad region.


Peru: Pope ends Trujillo visit, returns to Lima

The Holy Father has returned to the Peruvian capital after a visit to La Libertad region's capital, Trujillo.


Pope Francis denounces violence against women

Pope Francis spoke out against violence against women, which he called "a scourge that affects our American continent."

TRUJILLO PERÚ - ENERO 20. Papa Francisco recorre barrio de  Buenos Aires. Foto: ANDINA/Paul Vallejos

Peru: Pope Francis rides Popemobile in flood-hit town

Even if only for a few minutes, the pain in flood-stricken northern Buenos Aires neighborhood gave way to overflowing faith and emotion as Pope Francis rode the Popemobile along a parade route on Saturday.

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