Peru PM: The Government works to shape a modern country

Jefa del Gabinete Ministerial, Mercedes Aráoz

Jefa del Gabinete Ministerial, Mercedes Aráoz

18:31 | Lima, Mar. 13.

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's administration works hard to shape a modern country —with transparency, commitment, and quality public services that remain close to citizens— towards its independence bicentennial, Prime Minister Mercedes Araoz affirmed Tuesday.

Within this context, Araoz noted the Executive Branch is also committed to achieving the country's accession to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

"We continue working hard to achieve not only the OECD accession," Araoz noted.

"It is more than that. It is a reform of how our Government serves citizens in the best way, so that we become a modern country with services close to citizens, in which the State is involved to make their lives easier," she added.

In this regard, the official underlined the Inca country has developed a governance model through which actions are articulated and coordinated at meetings with regional and local authorities. 

"We are working with them on a new decentralization perspective," Araoz pointed out.

Remarks were made at the official launch ceremony for the Implementation of Recommendations of the Public Governance Study Program, which aims at bringing Peru closer to OECD standards.

The event was held at Lima-based Government Palace.


Published: 3/13/2018