Venezuela's diplomatic representative visits Peru Congress

17:22 | Lima, Feb. 1.

Venezuela's diplomatic representative to Peru Carlos Scull visited Peruvian Congress on Friday, expressing his gratitude for the Inca country's support to restore democracy in the Bolivarian nation.

As is known, the opposition-controlled National Assembly of Venezuela on Tuesday named diplomatic representatives to 10 countries —including Peru— that recognized the self-proclamation of Juan Guaido as Interim President.

During his visit, Scull was joined by lawmakers from different political groups. 

He remarked Juan Guaido is the only legitimate president of Venezuala, according to the Constitution, and the only legitimate institution fighting to restore democracy is the National Assembly.  

"Venezuelans want to solve this problem by themselves, with the support of the international community, of course, holding free and democratic elections, that is our focus, that is our agenda," the representative expressed. 

Likewise, Scull indicated he will work with the Peruvian Government in order to assist Venezuelans who reside in the Andean nation. 

Furthermore, he thanked the support and affection he received from Peruvian legislators. 

"This is important. We are all united for this cause," the representative said. 

As is known, the Venezuelan opposition leader assumed the powers of the presidency on January 23 after thousands of protesters marched against Nicolas Maduro's new term in office.


Published: 2/1/2019
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