U.S. judge authorizes former President Toledo to leave home four hours a day

10:13 | San Francisco (U.S.), Aug. 29.

Former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006) —who is under house arrest in the United States while a decision on his extradition process is made— will be allowed to leave his home for four hours a day, the judge who is handling the case decided on Friday.

According to a court order to which Efe Agency had access, Judge Thomas Hixson of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California agreed to the request made by the former president's lawyer, to which neither the prison services nor the Prosecutor's Office had opposed.

Although Toledo was detained by U.S. authorities in July 2019, most of the judicial process —to date— has focused on determining whether there was a risk of flight and whether or not the former president could get out of jail —

Since then, the former president remains at home under house arrest, although the California prison services denounced in April that he had left his house four times to go to the beach and neighbors' homes, which earned him reprimands from the magistrate.

Since then, Toledo's behavior has adjusted to the conditions of house arrest. Thus, the judge decided to grant this request made by the lawyer.

He has also spent the last few years as fugitive from Peruvian justice in the San Francisco Bay area.

For this reason, the former president is charged with the alleged commission of the crimes of money laundering, collusion and influence peddling.

In February 2017, Peru's Judiciary ordered the 18-month preventive detention of Toledo on influence peddling and asset laundering charges, within the framework of the Odebrecht case.

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Published: 8/29/2020