U.S. Amb. honors Peruvian recipient of International Women of Courage Award

Photo: U.S. Embassy in Peru

Photo: U.S. Embassy in Peru

00:00 | Lima, May. 24.

U.S. Ambassador to Peru Krishna R. Urs honored Peruvian Prosecutor Flor de Maria Vega, one of the 10 recipients of the 2019 Secretary of State's International Women of Courage (IWOC) Award.

The event took place Wednesday night at the U.S. envoy's residence in Lima. 

Judiciary Chairman Jorge Luis Lecaros and Environment Minister Lucia Ruiz also attended the ceremony.

Flor de Maria Vega is Peru's National Coordinator for Environmental Prosecutors and, with over 33 years of experience, leads a team of prosecutors to investigate and prosecute criminal organizations involved in illegal mining, illegal logging, and illicit wildlife trafficking, among others.

As stated by Ambassador Urs, Dr. Vega coordinates prosecutors' efforts with the Armed Forces in rainforest Madre de Dios region as part of the Mercury Operation aimed at fighting illegal mining in protected sectors of La Pampa area.

She led a team of prosecutors in Iquitos region to investigate and confiscate US$1.6 million worth of illegal mining and her work in the "Yacu Kallpa" illegal logging case drew international attention to the precarious situation in the forestry sector.

"Vega's courageous actions and the dedicated work of the Peruvian Prosecutor's Office contribute to protecting Peru's environmental resources and communities that depend on them for future generations," the diplomat said.

About the Award

Established in 2007, this annual award honors women around the world who have demonstrated exceptional courage, strength, and leadership in acting to bring positive change to their societies, often at great personal risk and sacrifice. 

Vega was honored for sparking change in Peru's environmental enforcement efforts, defying threats aimed to derail her work, and promoting environmental stewardship to protect the Andean nation's environmental resources and communities that depend on them.


Published: 5/24/2019