Peru: Armed Forces committed to pacifying VRAEM

17:46 | Pichari (Cusco region), Dec. 20.

Defense Minister Jose Huerta on Thursday affirmed Armed Forces' commitment to pacifying Valley of Apurimac, Ene, and Mantaro rivers (VRAEM) by the end of the current administration.

"President Martin Vizcarra's commitment is to pacify the entire area (VRAEM) before the end of his term," the official expressed.

"As a minister, and alongside the Armed Forces' high command, I declare that I will comply with this presidential order," he added. 

Remarks were made in Pichari (Cusco region), where an airstrip has been built, marking a historic day for VRAEM. 

Likewise, Minister Huerta pointed out that, thanks to this runway, local products will be able to reach Lima and other parts of the Inca country. 

Earlier, he participated in a multisectoral civic campaign in Mazamari (Junin region). 

In this sense, the Mindef representative indicated there is a peaceful and calm environment in the zone thanks to Armed Forces' and population's contribution

"We have been working on the pacification of VRAEM in order for it to develop and become a productive area," Huerta said. 

On the occasion, he was joined by Army's Commander General Cesar Astudillo and other commanders of the Peruvian Armed Forces. 


Published: 12/20/2018
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