Shining Path terrorist captured in Peru

11:19 | Lima, Jul. 12.

Concerted efforts of Peru's Armed Forces and National Police have led to the recent capture of the infamous Shining Path terrorist known as Comrade Julio Chapo.

Chapo, whose real name is believed to be Hugo Sixto Campos Cordova, is a high-ranking and leading member of Shining Path's Central Committee.

According to a joint release by ministries of defense and interior, criminal Rafael Ichka Muñoz was captured along with him.

The operation took place in Chinchihuasi district belonging to Churcampa Province (Huancavelica region), within the Valley of Apurimac, Ene, and Mantaro rivers (Vraem).

Agents had detected the presence of criminal terrorists, who —supported by drug traffickers— planned to carry out armed attacks in the sector. 

The law enforcement team —consisting of Armed Forces, National Police and Public Ministry members— infiltrated the area on board two patrol cars Friday at 2:30 AM, thus succeeding in capturing Julio Chapo and Rafael Ichka Muñoz.

The operation seized a Baikal 380 pistol with magazine, detonating cord, three cell phones, a thermal viewer, improvised traps, electric detonators, and ammunition.

Terror in Peru

The Andean nation's dark 1980-2000 terrorism episode is estimated to have claimed over 69,000 lives, according to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)

Much of said fatalities are attributed to Shining Path, responsible for brutal terror attacks such as the Tarata Bombing, as well as massive assassinations in rural Peru. 

The Inca country's most wanted terrorist, Abimael Guzman, was captured on September 12th, 1992, marking the defeat of Shining Path —the most bloodthirsty and cruel terrorist group the country had ever seen.


Published: 7/12/2019
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